This car photography studio is a collaboration between Vintage Underground and the Haugland collection.  This space was created to fully digitally document the collection and create a new way to share these cars other than physical shows.  The Studio incorporates a enclosed space with special wall surfaces to control light and a full size automated turntable capable of rotating a car in a precise fashion, coordinated with cameras and lighting.  The result is the ability create files or html that allows the viewer to be interactive with the car and view it as they like.  We offer services to studio shoot your car in the same way and can produce for you the same presentation we do for the Haugland Collection.

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Show-Stopping Photos

Interactive 360 Tours

This is a full size turntable able to handle all the cars we throw at it.  It is a low profile table specifically designed for this automated photography system.  It is computer controlled and integrates into the photography system.  This is new technology that really steps up the presentation and  representation of these cars.

interactive Interior Tours

Another new piece of technology, we shoot the interior of each car with a 360 degree camera that again allows the viewer to interact with the shot and view the specific areas of interest in each car.