Ferrari 250 GTE

This 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE has been in the hands of the same owner since the 70’s.  The car had been neglected for a bit, but we were given the opportunity to bring it back to its splendor.  No detail was overlooked, and it was taken down to bare tub and metal.  The result is a usable and precise vehicle.  The owner now drives it with regularity, which is exactly how a Ferrari should be operated.


Abarth Allemano

This 1959 Abarth Allemano was a pretty good original car.  However, not good enough for reliable use.  We performed a full restoration to the owners specific demands.  This unique little Abarth is part of a collection here in the Northwest of Italian vehicles of the same era. 


Jaguar E-Type

While it was a driving and fully functional car, the owner wanted to take this E-Type coupe back to the original factory colors – black with a red interior.  We stripped it down to the bare tub to re-do the paintwork, and refreshed the motor while we had it.


Siata Daina

A rare, hand made Italian vehicle, this Siata was modified in the 1950’s with a Studebaker engine and transmission.  The owner requested that we fully restore the vehicle to that modified state, preserving the 50’s era build. 


Triumph TR250

A full, 100% accurate restoration put this TR250 back to its as-delivered factory status.  The owner enjoys taking this car out often, especially if there are windy roads involved.