Fiat 1100 Berlina Performance Build

We are offering two build opportunities for what will be a very unique and avant-garde project.  Alfa Romeo of the era produced the Giulietta Berlina with much the same performance offerings as the much sportier spyders.  They feature the same twin cam engine and often the 5 speed, limited slip rearend, and four wheel disc brakes as the syder.  The net result is these Berlinas are regarded basically as performance cars but with the four doors.  They are unique looking and always good for a sleeper on the track and road. 

Having always liked the lines of the Fiat 1100 Berlina, it was unfortunate that Fiat did not ever apply a performance concept to the early berlinas.  That is our concept in these two builds, to build performance Fiat Berlina from the 50s era.  We have two early Fiat 1100 Berlinas.  We have also acquired two late Fiat 124 spiders as donors.  In these builds we will harvest a fuel injected 2 liter Fiat Lampredi twin cam engine and 5 speed transmission and transplant them into the Berlina.  We will harvest the front and rear suspensions from the 124 with disc brakes and modern suspension with four wheel disc brakes and adapt them to the 1100.  The car will be fully and professionally modified and fabricated to integrate these components while maintaining the vintage appeal of the car.  The body will remain mostly unchanged except for subtle widening of the arches to allow a larger wheel and tire combination.  Wheels will be custom 17” in diameter.  The bodies will then be fully prepared and taken through final paint and preparation with the color choice of the buyer.  The interior will be fully finished and the seats done in leather with the original seats unless performance front seats are desired.  Fully wired and 100% restored and completed.

The result will be a high performance version of an early Fiat sedan, that maintains the unique vintage look and feel.

Delivered in 12 months:  $75,000

If interested and want more details, please contact Kyia: 



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